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Our Story

Karmically Fused was founded in 2009, by Claire Buck.

Karmically Fused has operated in the corporate industry for several years with enormous success. Today the company offers training,wellness and specialized programs. Recently we lauched a school program, developing and improving core strength in children aged 4-13 years.

As a wellness company, we believe in giving your body what it needs to achieve the results you want. We believe that good quality food and exercise is what helps you on the way, to excellent physical,emotional and mental health.

As a company we aim to improve the wellbeing of all students that attend classes. We are sensitive to all levels of capability, age, fitness level, flexibility and previous injuries. Our carefully selected, qualified trainers strive to make exercise and diet fun.

Karmically Fused has trademarked Neon Fit Night Out as well as Neon Yoga and Bootcamp events, an absolute first for South Africa, bringing a new and exciting event to the country.



Neon Events: Neon Yoga and Bootcamp, Neon Fit Night Out

Wellness Days: Various Workshops, Exercise Classes and Retreats

School Children: Yoga

Corporate Classes: Yoga and Bootcamp