Stress and Sleep Deprivation in the Workforce

20 Jan 2017

As South Africans the majority of us work exceptionally hard to provide for our families. Normal work hours of 9-5 is a gross understatement in the case of the average house hold,simply because we are Mothers and Fathers.Many of us get home after a long day tired and exhausted and have to tend to our children. Often 24 hours a day does no...

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Cellulite Busted

14 Jan 2017

Dimple butt just won't cut it in a bikini.Heres my advice to get the tight butt you want. To have a super sexy butt you really need to look at what you putting in your body. Water  Water is something we really need to consume more of.Coffee,tea and using cordial to get your water intake is not gonna sculpt your bum.It time to like water wat...

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