Wellness Days

We offer organized promotions of wellness days where we come to you and do various workshops of your choice, and our suggestions.  We do catering as well for the event. We have partnered with various companies to provide our clients with the best in health products on the market. So far these partnerships include:

They will all be there on the wellness day showing you the best in Natural Nutrition and Beauty. If You wish to order from them before event please use code Karmically Fused.

For more info about wellness days for your Company please contact Claire at: claire@karmicallyfused.co.za

Workshops – to consider in the future

Stress Relief Workshops

Office Chair Yoga:

  • No need to leave the chairs, we show you how to use yoga without even leaving your chair!
  • Naturally the exercise is to help release tension and pain
  • A printout of all exercises will be sent to all employees
  • Presented by a yoga instructor

Breathing Workshop:

  • We show you how to do breathing exercises to help you relax
  • A printout of all exercises will be sent to all employees
  • Presented by a yoga instructor

 Stress Management Workshop:

  • The cause of stress
  • Living in the past and future
  • Learning to live in the moment
  • Presented by a life coach

Back Health Workshops and Treatments 

Posture Workshop:

Posture is defined as the position in which the body holds itself up against gravity whether sitting, standing or lying down. It is important to teach your body how to stay in a good posture at all times so that the are minimum strains on your joints, muscles and ligaments.

Benefits of learning good posture in the work space:

  • Improves functionality and productivity
  • Prevents back and neck strain
  • Decrease stress from constant pain
  • Prevents long term spine conditions 
  • Presented By a biokineticist or chiropractor


Will improve circulation and deliver oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells. Massaging soft tissue, improves blood and lymph circulation, which in turn releases chemicals and relaxes the body.

  • Full Body 
  • Head and Neck
  • Hand and Foot


Spinal manipulation, and alignment of the body's musculoskeletal structure, is believed to help the body heal itself without surgery.

  • Chiropractic adjustments

All chiropractic treatments and massages can be done weekly or monthly, not only on a wellness day.

Nutrition Workshops and Assessments

Mood and Food:

  • How what you eat effects your mood and daily life
  • Presented by a registered dietician or nutrtionist.

Food Preparation:

  • Healthy eating demonstration on various topics
  • Presented by registered dietician or nutritionist
  • A printout of all recipes will be sent to all employees

Metabolic Assessments:

Measure your metabolic rate as it changes with age, stress, activity levels, diet, pregnancy, illness, medications and other factors knowing metabolism:

  • Can prevent common "yo -yo pattern" of weight gain after initial weight loss
  • Helps us find the most effective exercise/training program
  • Provides a more complete picture of our health.

Feel Good and Look Good Workshops

Make up and Skincare demo:

  • Learn how to apply make up correctly
  • How to look after your skin to prevent signs of aging
  • A printout of all techniques will be sent to all employees

 Office Chair Workout:

  • Workout done on a chair that is fixed
  • Tone arms, abdominals and bum
  • A printout of all exercises will be sent to all employees
  • Presented by a qualified personal trainer

Aromatherapy Workshops:

An introductory workshop in to aromatherapy is ideal for those who would like to use aromatherapy on themselves as well as friends and family.

  • The benefits of aromatherapy
  • Cautions
  • The usage of essential oils for everyday health
  • Carrier oils
  • A printout will be given out how to make various aromatherapy goodies